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Sunday, June 10, 2018

We've Started a Website...

Hey Hey My Peeps!

     You can find us over at www.LifesLittleSprinkles.com, Hope you're beeing Creative!!

   Jen ;0)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Getting Toddlers To Sit Still For Photos

Good Morning Peeps!
     Most Moms will go crazy trying to keep their littles still for photos. My big secret, DON'T! They're toddlers, they "Toddle". Let them move and fidget, let them be children. Bring them to fun places where they can play and be themselves. Sit back and enjoy. Take that camera out and shoot. Those are the photos that you're gonna want. Not the stuffy poses that you'll look at and remember how frustrating it was to get your little to sit and smile...

     Take them to the park, bring them in the yard and give them some bubbles, take them to an open feild and let them run.. Pay attention to the details. Move distractions out of the way, laundry baskets, trash, dirty diapers, weird guy .. lol! You get the picture.

     It's also ok to play along MOMMA!! Have fun, laugh, blow bubbles. This is what you want to remember. This is what you want your Littles to remember when they look at the photos. Stop worrying about things you can't change, breathe and enjoy your blessings!

Take Time to Enjoy Life's Little Sprinkles!!

                             Jen ;0)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy February

Happy February Loves!

     It's the begining of a new month, which means, exciting, NEW offers!! February's Specials are fantastic! Can you tell how excited I am?! Ok, so, first up, we have the
 "PRETTY IN PINK" SALE!! hehehe I love it! Being the Momma of three ladies and having lots of
beautiful women in my life, I can use me some PINK! With Gal-intine's Day and all. ;0)

Check it out HERE.

Next up... PEEPS!! Like, HELLOOOOO!! Everything you need aside from ink, if you choose
the stamp set option.. and adhesive..is INCLUDED! NO cutting! It's just assembly with detailed 
instructions. I may just FINALLY start my FB LIVES on The Life's Little Sprinkles, FB Page, with 
this baby right HERE!

   Now, remember, this Purty Mobile has two bundle options. One with an EXCLUSIVE stamp set,
and One without the stamp set. So it's your choice! I have to warn you... these are while supplies last, so
don't wait. When they're gone, they're GONZO! Think of it this way... it's a February speacial, BUT
would make a GREAT Baby Shower gift! Even a Mother's Day gift..Spring Home Décor...etc.

   So go my crafty friends, go and snag your goodies before they disappear into the black whole of
crafty frenzy, lol! Peeps are already going coocoo!

Stay Crafty!
   Jen ;0)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Love Letters

Good Morning!

        At Close to my Heart, we offer Monthly Campaigns, DEALS and FREEBIES. This month of January, we are offering "LOVE LETTERS". They are perfect for ANY type of crafter and would make lovely gifts.

         These letter kits come with an 11 1/2 ich, chipboard letter (1 per kit), and lots of pretties to decorate them..However, you can decorate these cuties any way you'd like. You have your choice of 26 pieces.. A through Z and the Ampersand. Spell out a whole name or word, such as Avery, Aubrey, CREATE OR initials.. J&S. Maybe even a state or school..BU, HOFSTRA, BOSTON, NYC...Endless possibilities.

         You can shop this campaign HERE. Buy 5 kits and choose one for FREE.
Join me on FB HERE.. and feel free to share your projects that you've made with your 

Happy Crafting!
Jen ;0)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Chelsea Gardens

Happy New Year, 2018!!

  So excited for the New Year! Wishing you all Blessings, Happiness and Love in 2018!

 Today kicks off our Brand New, Seasonal Expressions Catty for 2018. It's also the first day of the month, so that means it's the first day of the newest Kit of The Month.. "Chelsea Gardens". As always, I LOVE this kit, and so will you.

 The colors are gorgeous and the photos just never do them justice. Remember, you can purchase the kit in seperate pieces, or as a kit, which includes everything you need, including step by step instructions..but not including your adhesives.  You can order your kit HERE and your adhesives HERE.

                                            I'm here if you have any questions! ENJOY!!
                                                               Happy Crafting!
                                                                         Jen ;0)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Silver & Gold

 Hey Crafters,

2017's Holiday Catty is coming to an end.. The Silver and Gold kit is ALMOST SOLD OUT!! Don't miss out on this adorable kit.. Perfect for those holiday fun photos.

Happy Crafting!!
Jen :0)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Good Afternoon My Peeps!

  Don't forget to check me out on Pinterest! Lot's of fun fall ideas, from family fun, Décor, to YumYums. Come Play!


Happy Craftin!
     Jen ;0)